Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Jackson PS2

    Todays review is a Jackson. Jacksons are famous for being metal guitars and this is exactly what one should expect from a Jackson.

The Jackson PS2 is a pretty good guitar. It could use a better route for superior pickup replacement capabilities. The H-S-S pickup routes are new to me, I'm use to H-H. The Floyd is alos new to me, having a locking system is cool and all, but mine came all worn out so it don't stay in tune real well. With a better trem it would be a much better guitar. The neck is so comfortable, it feels like its made for your hands.  The overall shape is pretty damn good too, just some parts. But not as bad as today's mid range guitar (the ps2 use to sell for like 350 brand new).

The electronics were real decent, besides the pickups. I have replaced 2 and hucked the middle pickup. I'll get more into that later. But the pots were both A500K's and the wiring was really clean. Korean made with Korean made tuners which kind of suck, they could use a swappin out with grovers, they'll go in with out modification. I believe the body is made from Alder, it's got some weight that's for sure. // 6

Sound: Sounds great! It doesn't sound and dark and heavy as the less paul but it sounds great with distortion. It plays all sorts of metal.Like most Jackson guitars, it doesn't sound that well on clean but it has a pretty average sustain. Metal is what it play. This guitar my metal machine. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The setup was fine for an cheap guitar. It seems to be built pretty solidly and would withstand live playing. The wiring, as i said was pretty well done and should not give you any problems. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I wouldn't chuck it around no, but if taken care of it'll be fine. The paint will probably last me forever really, the neck is very secure and the frets could use a little bit of work. I would never gig without a backup. This thing's got a floyd so if one string breaks, you're out. // 7

Impression: The only things I can complain about is the floyd (which is pretty important and it does need to be replaced). But that'll be worked on when I have some more denaro to spear. With the pickups upgraded and the floyd blocked, it shold be a pretty badass guitar. // 8


  1. I'm guessing replacing the pickups isn't too hard. Couple of screws etc?

    1. You would have to buy a new one and bring it to the shop to set it up.

  2. Not sure I like knowing work needs to be done, but still sounds like a decent one.

  3. What's the PS2 stand for? I only know the Sony gaming console

  4. So it's about as cool as it looks? Cool.