Friday, March 16, 2012

A break from reviews. Check out my favourite blogs!

Here's the thing, a review every single day is kinda boring. Don't get me wrong, we all love guitars, its just that it can be pretty monotonous. Well, for today's post, I'll post some of my favourite blogs that I often look forward to visiting everyday!

Also, I'ts caturday!

  Ok, the first one up is called It's Rhyme Time by Pat Hatt. This is by far one of the most entertaining blogs I have seen. This guy/cat pretty much rhymes shit together. And his rhyming has been proved to be infectious too! Almost everyone seems to be trying their best to rhyme as well as him in the comment section. But heck, he's so good he could probably rhyme out of his ass!

   The next one is  Daily Freebies  by Heaven, because lets face it, who doesn't like free shit? If its free and they're giving it away, Heaven knows about it. But seriously, sometimes, she posts really awesome stuff. Too bad that some offers are so good they leave me crying as they're US-only offers.

  Now how do I describe the next blog? Hmmm. We'll put it this way,  Anne's Attic  is probably the only blog  with a higher alcohol content than a shot of vodka. Most of the time she posts about her daily (mis)adventures, served with a dash of humour of course, which can prove to be pretty amusing. Also to be noted is that Anne own's her very own imaginary airline company, O'Leary Air.

   For the next one, I would have to warn you. This blogger takes his television seriously. If he's not satisfied with the content on his screen, He'll get started on a long rant that in most cases, turn out to be more entertaining than the original show! Yes, thats right, I'm talking about Besercules and his blog, The Berserk Herc. I could spend hours watching his reviews! they are hilarious!

  Well, I'm gonna save the rest for another post soon. If your blog hasn't appeared here, then it will appear on the next time I post about my favourite blogs! So don't feel bad guys, I haven't forgotten about you!


  1. Haha, yeah, I like this for a change. Daily Freebies is one of my favorite blogs too. As for Rhyme Time... that guy's so crazy, lol.

  2. Good idea, I will check these blogs out!

  3. caturday it is. followed just because

  4. LMAO if I rhymed out my ass some people may get offended, I suppose I could blur the ass out...hahahaha..crazy indeed at my feed. Thanks for the shout too, great idea.

  5. Lol I feel the same way as that cat sometimes!

  6. Awesome! I love all the blogs listed here! (especially mine!)

    I'm surprised more people don't go to Heaven.s blog! Who doesn't like free stuff!!!

    and Thanks for the cool write up!

  7. Cool blogs, think I already follow most of em