Sunday, October 17, 2010

Review: Fender Squier Affinity Strat

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Features: It has a laminated top, the neck is a beautiful, dark, burnt red maple. Srat body, obviously. 5 way selector. 2 tone adjusters. // 7
Sound: I play whatever the hell I think sounds good. Lately alot of 90's grunge some newer and older metal, reggae, and always punk.

The sound is extremely decent for the money. The guitar has an extremely bright poppy loud sound when on the clean channel. The distortion is very good, BUT it depends on your style. For me it was perfect considering I play the kind of music that does not require an articulated sound board.If you play a type of music that needs a very distinct sound than this guitar would be about 3 notches above mediocre. This guitar is basically my baby and I would never sell it. 

Bottom line: its a AMAZING guitar for the money, BUT you will want a nicer, more, advanced guitar, if you will, as you progress musically.Its a beginner guitar, but not only for beginners. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS GUITAR I GUARANTEE IT. // 9
Action, Fit & Finish: I took this guitar right out of the box and started shredding. It was in perfect condition for playing. The pickups will sound absolutely great on the clean channel of your amp, distortion also. I am thinking about changing out the pickups, only because I've been using this guitar for about 3 years now. The guitar contained no flaws, for the first 2 years. Afterwards, due to season changes, the neck started to warp ever so slightly. All you need to get this fixed is show it to your local geeeetar center or music store, they'll fix it right up. As far as action goes from the new state... Ummm preety bad not going to lie. BUT it is adjustable, thank God. I have a red finish and it looks absolutely beautiful in my opinion. This is a great guitar to have if your looking to make something yours, if you know what I mean(stickers, drawings, etc.) I'm sure you'll love it enough to call it your baby. (; // 9
Reliability & Durability: This sucker is indestructible, I can't count the amount of times I have bumped it on dressers, walls, (insert blunt, hard object here). It WILL hold up. I have played with it live 4 times with my problems whatsoever. I would totally trust this guitar at any gig, I know I'm no gig guru, but considering I've had band practice 3+ times a week for 7 months and it holds up, I wouldn't be worried. The strap buttons have yet to fail me. The finish hasn't scratched, after soo much wear. I really do love this guitar despite its simplicity to most players. // 10
Impression: I play whatever. Literally. I play metal, punk, reggae, acoustic, rock, alternative, indie, ska, grunge etc. etc. etc. and this guitar is almost perfect with every genre, the only one I would worry about would be Acoustic playing, but you didn't buy an electric for that now did you?

I have been playing for about 3 years now, of course I desire another guitar but this sucker suits me fine at the moment. (actually I'm about to purchase either a Schecter or Ibanez rg120) If this guitar was stolen, I would cry, and I'm totally serious hahaha. I would immediately buy another one. The one and only con about this guitar would be the action/intonation/height of your strings from the neck... LOL. They are getting much too far from the neck. Everything else is totally awesome. Maybe its just me, but I love this guitar, as I love all my guitars, but this one the most. One thing I wish it had was the word "Fender" instead of "Squire" in Fender font on the head. Hahaha. I don't know I just feel like a poser when walking into music stores with it. (; this guitar has a beginners reputation, but I believe its a suitable guitar for at least an above mediocre guitar player. Damn, finally finished with this review. Ha. Took forever. // 10

Friday, October 8, 2010

Review:Epiphone Les Paul Slash Signature

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Features: This guitar was made shortly after the Gibson Slash Signature model was made. There were only 75 of the Gibson ones made, and this is a Epiphone Limited Edition, so there's not alot of these around. I think this one was made somewhere between 1997-1999. This is almost exactly the same as the Gibson version, except instead of a hand painted snake, it is a decal, instead of a pearl snake coiling up the neck, it is trapazoid inlays, and in the place of a carved snake in the middle of the head, it is a small Slash siganture. But the pickups are the same, so you will get the same sound. It is equipped with 2 Alnico II humbuckers. Like the Gibson one, it has 22 frets, and like any standard les paul, has 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs, and a 3 way selecter Switch. Unfortunately the 3 way selector Switch is very loose, and can break very easily, which sucks. The body has a wonderful red flametop which looks spectacular. The tuners and bridge are black, instead of chrome or gold (which Gibson usually uses), so it is an interesting change. The neck is a very fast neck, which makes for great soloing. // 8
Sound: I am a rock guitarist, and this guitar delivers the sound you need to play rock. When I bought this, there were no pickup covers, so they are open coils, which means a raw-er sound. When you play through full guitar volume on the bridge humbucker with distortion, you get a sound that you would expect to hear from Slash. Think Welcome to the Jungle or the ending solo from November Rain. If you play through clean with full volume and tone on the neck humbucker, you get the exact sound from the beginning of Knockin On Heaven's Door. If you play with full volume and no tone, you get almost a spanish guitar sound. When played through distortion you get an awesome creamy tone. Very cool. I am playing this through a Peavey amp and a Digitech50 multi effects pedal. If I can get a Slash sound through these things, imagine the sound you can get from a Marshall stack. Exactly. This is an excellent sounding guitar, and is perfect for hard rock, and a little punk. // 10
Action, Fit & Finish: I got this guitar used, so I can't tell you what the factory set up was, but when I bought this, the action was still incredible. It is an incredibly fast neck, and has great frets. The finish is incredible looking, and this guitar has a beautiful red flametop. I think the exact color is called cranberry. Anyways. There are only 2 problems with this guitar I found. The 3 way selector Switch was very loose, and is now extremely loose after I was playing with it. The nut also isn't that wonderful. On the G and D strings it gets stuck on a pitch, then suddenly jumps up a few when I am tuning. But other than these minor defaults, this guitar is incredibly well built. // 8
Reliability & Durability: This guitar has very good reliabilty, and it is very durable. I've used this in a couple of live shows, and it has delivered well, getting a great sound, and a great tone for solos. I need to replace the pickup selector and the nut, but even with both of these in less then perfect shape, it still plays and sounds like a dream. The finish is very solid, and after months of getting scraped with my picks, looks like new. The strap button closest to the neck recently came out, and I need to get that repaired, but that happens with all of my guitars, so I'm not blaming that on the guitar. This is a very dependable guitar, and would use it on a gig with a short set-list without a backup. However, I would take a backup with me on a larger set list gig. So for reliability, durability, and dependability, the Slash Signature Les Paul is top notch. // 10
Impression: This is my favorite guitar that I own. It has an amazing look, and amazing sound. I love everything about it, and my favorite feature is definatly the sound and look of it. This is the best sounding of my other guitars. It isn't a common guitar, and is kind of rare, so if you ever come across one, I urge you to buy it. It is a wonderful hard rock/punk guitar, but I wouldn't suggest it for nu-metal. I read about this guitar before I knew there was one near where I lived, and when I saw it, I knew immediately that I had to get it, and I definitely don't regret it. // 10

Monday, October 4, 2010

Song Review: System of a Down: Know

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Cursed Earth, Cursed Earth, Cursed Earth, Cursed Earth.

I will never feed off the evergreen luster of your heart all because we all live in the valley of the walls when we speak we can peak from the windows of their mouths to see the land the women chant as they fly up to the sun.

You never think you know why,
Know, You never think you know why,
Know, You never think you know why,
Know, Ever think you know why,

Books all say different things while people flap their yellow wings trying 
to soar by being a whore of life and almost everything the sheep that ran 
off from the herd may be dead but now's a bird able to fly able to die able 
to break your cursed earth

You never think you know why,
Know, You never think you know why,
Know, You never think you know why,
Know, Ever think you know why,

On the other side, on the other side, the other side,
Do you ever try to fly, Do you ever try to fly?
Have you ever wanted to die, you ever want to die?

Don't ever try to fly, don't ever try to fly,
Don't ever try to fly, unless you leave your body on the other side,
Never try to die, you ever try to die.

Know, You never think you know why,
Know, You never think you know why,
Know, You never think you know why,
Know, Ever think you know why, Know. 


i will never feed off the evergreen luster of your heart 
this means that he wont believe what organized religions tell him, in their fancy way of making themselves look innocent and good, hence the words used like heart. he says this since they have no real proof or really know and are just in it for their own gain

all because we all live in the valley of the walls
this means we live in a world where we dont know whats gonna happen next, hence the valley of the walls. the walls symbolize that we cant see was on the other side, like when we die. no one can see and know the truth.

when they speak we can peek, through the windows of her mouth see the land the women chant as they fly up to the sun
this means when organized religions like christianity or islam tell u their belief about heaven and all that, when they speak and seeing them fly up to the sun, saying they are explaining to u that u will die and go to heaven if u follow us.
books all say different thing while people flap their yellow wings
is like what free thinker say - it means different books say different things about afterlife, no one knows. people flapping their yellow wings, means all people jumping to conclusions and believing what they read, hence YELLOW WINGS, in other words fake wings. they are living their lives thinking that the religions are right, so they are already flapping their wings to get ready to go when they really dont know.
the rest basically means we try to soar, by believing but then in reality we go out and take advantage of things and the earth, being a whore of life, thinking that believing is enough to get into heaven and we can be a whore in life. the sheep that run stuff mite support the idea of reincarnation stating that that could be a possibility as well, thats why he says MAYBE dead,,

then the whole u ever wanted to die stuff, thats basically saying have u ever really wanted to know what happens and think hard about, but then says, dont ever try to fly unless u leave your body... saying that no matter how hard u think u wont know until u actually die (leaving your body on the other side), and again starts with the, you'll never think u know, stating that all in all, u will never know until u die.

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