Sunday, October 17, 2010

Review: Fender Squier Affinity Strat

K guys, im sorry i cant update as frequently as i used to.. im in the middle of my exams now and im seriously busy.. just be patient k.. thx fr the support

Features: It has a laminated top, the neck is a beautiful, dark, burnt red maple. Srat body, obviously. 5 way selector. 2 tone adjusters. // 7
Sound: I play whatever the hell I think sounds good. Lately alot of 90's grunge some newer and older metal, reggae, and always punk.

The sound is extremely decent for the money. The guitar has an extremely bright poppy loud sound when on the clean channel. The distortion is very good, BUT it depends on your style. For me it was perfect considering I play the kind of music that does not require an articulated sound board.If you play a type of music that needs a very distinct sound than this guitar would be about 3 notches above mediocre. This guitar is basically my baby and I would never sell it. 

Bottom line: its a AMAZING guitar for the money, BUT you will want a nicer, more, advanced guitar, if you will, as you progress musically.Its a beginner guitar, but not only for beginners. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS GUITAR I GUARANTEE IT. // 9
Action, Fit & Finish: I took this guitar right out of the box and started shredding. It was in perfect condition for playing. The pickups will sound absolutely great on the clean channel of your amp, distortion also. I am thinking about changing out the pickups, only because I've been using this guitar for about 3 years now. The guitar contained no flaws, for the first 2 years. Afterwards, due to season changes, the neck started to warp ever so slightly. All you need to get this fixed is show it to your local geeeetar center or music store, they'll fix it right up. As far as action goes from the new state... Ummm preety bad not going to lie. BUT it is adjustable, thank God. I have a red finish and it looks absolutely beautiful in my opinion. This is a great guitar to have if your looking to make something yours, if you know what I mean(stickers, drawings, etc.) I'm sure you'll love it enough to call it your baby. (; // 9
Reliability & Durability: This sucker is indestructible, I can't count the amount of times I have bumped it on dressers, walls, (insert blunt, hard object here). It WILL hold up. I have played with it live 4 times with my problems whatsoever. I would totally trust this guitar at any gig, I know I'm no gig guru, but considering I've had band practice 3+ times a week for 7 months and it holds up, I wouldn't be worried. The strap buttons have yet to fail me. The finish hasn't scratched, after soo much wear. I really do love this guitar despite its simplicity to most players. // 10
Impression: I play whatever. Literally. I play metal, punk, reggae, acoustic, rock, alternative, indie, ska, grunge etc. etc. etc. and this guitar is almost perfect with every genre, the only one I would worry about would be Acoustic playing, but you didn't buy an electric for that now did you?

I have been playing for about 3 years now, of course I desire another guitar but this sucker suits me fine at the moment. (actually I'm about to purchase either a Schecter or Ibanez rg120) If this guitar was stolen, I would cry, and I'm totally serious hahaha. I would immediately buy another one. The one and only con about this guitar would be the action/intonation/height of your strings from the neck... LOL. They are getting much too far from the neck. Everything else is totally awesome. Maybe its just me, but I love this guitar, as I love all my guitars, but this one the most. One thing I wish it had was the word "Fender" instead of "Squire" in Fender font on the head. Hahaha. I don't know I just feel like a poser when walking into music stores with it. (; this guitar has a beginners reputation, but I believe its a suitable guitar for at least an above mediocre guitar player. Damn, finally finished with this review. Ha. Took forever. // 10


  1. cool anyway it's not my type of guitar :)

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  3. That's a great guitar for sure :) !

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