Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review: LTD Viper 100FM

  Ok, here's a guitar which i have actually tried on before. As the review states, its mainly for metal. It didn't really appeal to me. It had a less than satisfactory sound when in clean. However, the sustain was flippin good. So, here's a proper review from someone who actually owns one.

Features: in 2005 LTD introduced the Viper 100FM, a hard hitting sleek guitar that takes after a Gibson SG. This guitar is great for playing Metal as well as most other ESP/LTD guitars. It's only available in trasparent black but this thing sounds pretty damn good. It's not the best guitar you can buy, but it's worth a try. // 8

Sound: This Guitar is best suited for Metal or hard rock. It's kinda thick so you get pretty good sustain.So if you play a little on the heaveir side this guitar should make you happy (especially at the price). Right now I'm using the Viper 100fm with a Krank Krankensien (head and cab) on mostly the Dime channel, unless I'm using my DigiTech Death MetalDitortion. I'm using mostly the bridge pickup on a high gain and low sound (H:3 M:3 L:7 Gain:10). It's got a real nice fit for that Pantera sound, or even BLS or Metallica styles. It's not that noisy, only a tad bit of feedback because of the high gain. The guitar doesn't have very much variety but the hard rock metal sound kicks ass! // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar came ready to f--kin' rock right outa the factory. Everything was aligned perfectly, the action on the neck was great for solo or rythm, the pickups were straight and the finish was amazing. Everything was already alighned perfect, all I had to do was go home and plug it in. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I think overall this guitar is pretty durable. You could probably play for quite some time without serious repair. Although it's no Gibson as far a durability, it should do quite well on stage. I've used it at a couple of gigs, and I was quite reliable. It will last a while. // 8

Impression: Iv'e been playing for only 2 years but, iv'e played Gibson, Fender, Dean, all the big ones. Yeah they're better, but for the price, it's a must. 300 bucks and you got a damn good guitar. I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio, a Charvel Randy Roahds V, an Epiphone SG, and a Dean ML as well as this and lately iv'e been stickin' with the LTD for metal puposes. If it were stolen I would gete it again, it's pretty cool, and it's only 300 bucks versus Gibsons 2000 bucks. So overall, if you're into heavier music, the LTD Viper 100FM is a good beginner guitar worth checking out. // 8


  1. Sounds like a fantastic guitar!

    (thought I followed your blog earlier but it didn't take cause I was following 300 blogs which is the limit! So I unfolloewd a dormant blog and am now following you! Yay!)

  2. Looks like the devils horns from the body lol

  3. I have been playing Rocksmith lately! I think i'm going to get a guitar like that if i ever master a song :) +1 Style

  4. My girlfriend would love this guitar. Red is her favorite color.