Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Ibanez Artcore AS73

   Here's another semi hollow guitar. The Ibanez Artcore AS73. Copypasted as usual. Enjoy!  

Features: Made in 05' in Japan this guitar is the Ibanez as73. It has a Standard 22 fret neck, and two humbuckers. I currently bought D'addario electric guitar strings which give it a warm crunch. The way the sunburst finish looks can only be accurately judged in person, and the slightly off white trim makes it look even better. With a glossy finish the colors of the guitar are enhanced and don't look bland or dull like in photos. When I bought it I got a case and a strap for it as well. The strap is a Planet Waves silvery dragon design (that doesn't look cheesy like many other straps). this strap is very comfortable and I would buy from the same company for all my straps. the case looks nice but the outer material can be scraped off if bumped into walls or other hard objects. // 8

Sound: The sound is really good and cam be comparable to many Gibsons I know of. But it is probably a game of luck since this doesn't have the quality of the Gibson brand, and are not made out of the better woods. A little annoyance is some string buzz that can only be heard when playing without an amp. Going through a Marshall amp the sound can be described as a classic tone that will work for alt rock, classic rock, and milder metal songs.// 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Since I bought it used I can't say the action was like this new, but it has a relatively low action that works well for my style of play. I've never done any pick-up work so the locations seem to capture the right sound from the strings. the guitar was slightly worked on, the guitar shop had adjusted the neck and refretted it and so when I bought it it was perfect with no flaws. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar should last a long time with the proper treatment and the sound will only get better. the hardware is a very durable metal that i haven't encountered any problems with yet so it seems like it will last for quite a while. My strap has securely held the guitar and has never fallen off since i bought it. Although back-ups are preferred by many professionals, this guitar doesn't need a back up because of how dependable it is. And finally the finish is very well made that it should last the life of the guitar or for a long time of playing gigs. // 10

Impression: This is a great intermediate guitar that will last a very long time of playing. It is way better than my starter guitar. If it were stolen or lost I would probably get another one. I love the finish and the sound of the guitar. I can't really compare it to other guitars but it is worth the purchase price. It has everything in it that I would like especially for the price. // 9


  1. Kinda looks like the one Michael J. Fox played in "Back to the Future" if memory serves... but come to think of it my memory is not exactly gang busters.

  2. Have a happy New Year! ;)