Thursday, December 8, 2011

Metal X Guitar Review

okay, heres your POS guitar review (copypasted as usual) DWei was asking for. its the absolute worst i could find for now but im sure i can dig up more in the future. in the meantime, this review gave me plenty of lulz and i hope u guys enjoy it as well. based on it i guess its pretty much just eye candy.

Features: I don't know what year mine was made, but i'm fairly sure it's Korean. It's got 24 frets and I think a Rosewood fingerboard. The body is basswood, mine has a Lisenced Floyd Rose tremolo, and it's s**t. I'm not sure if thats the guitar's fault, but yano. It has the usual controls; tone and volume, and a pickup selector. I got this guitar as a started pack at Christmas 2009 and at the time I thought it was amazing. But now i'm more experienced, I can see what a load of c**p this guitar really is. // 5

Sound: The sound this guitar makes when played through the 15 watt amp I with it is really s**t. It sounds really muddy when you drop-tune it (I'm in drop D most of the time) I bought a DigiTech Death Metal distortion pedal, it sounds slighty better, but I'm going to upgrade very soon. When your not playing, but have it plugged in and switched on, it buzzes like hell. // 3

Action, Fit & Finish: It makes me laugh that Gear4Music call their instruments 'quality'. Alot of the stuff on it has broken, and i have to get my guitar teacher to tune it for me because it's so hard to tune and keep it tuned. The guitar itself is really heavy, and the straps it came with are really c**p, and it hurts your shoulder after a few minutes. I think the control knobs are hard to reach from the playing position, and the body isn't contured so its a little bit hard to reach the strings. // 4

Reliability & Durability: Live? On a Gear4Music guitar? This peice of s**t will get you laughed off the stage before you even start playing. And it will sound really muddy, and it will probably break because of the sh**y build quality. And if you are playing live, you won't have a Gear4Music in the first place. I would bring a back-up guitar, and use that instead if I was playing a gig. // 2

Impression: I mainly play metal, and it needs to sound less muddy to be a proper metal guitar. I have been playing around 7-8 months and I own everything that came in the starter pack for this guitar. If it was stolen, I would be happy because I would have another reason to buy a better guitar; I currently have my eyes on an Ibanez GRG170DX. I love this guitar, dispite all its flaws and shortcomings, but only because I've owned it and learnt on it. Basically, its a nice guitar if your only going to have it for a few months as your first guitar. // 5


  1. Of monstrous lust the due and just reward: Following!

  2. I'd buy one of those.

  3. It's a gorgeous guitar... no idea about quality, though.

  4. Yes! My influence grows!

    But you can do better than that. I'm confident you can find something even worse than this one.

  5. Korean, eh? It doesn't happen to belong to that poseur new Journey frontman, does it?

  6. Think the guitar looks pretty cool tbh.