Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cort x-6

Here's another sweet guitar. a Cort x-6. hope you guys enjoy the review!

Features: The features on this guitar arent great they include volume and tone controls plus a 3-way selector. The pickups are just two humbuckers and it has non-locking tuners. I like the shape of the body, it's sort of Strat style with a bit of edge to it. There are 22 pretty big frets on it with not much space between strings as the neck is pretty thin so it can be tricky for stubby paws. It is finished well with sparkley red and hard lacquer paint on top.// 6

Sound: The type of music I play is punk and this guitar works well in that aspect although I think it is more metal, it has ok sustain and distortion isnt bad either although I think it lacks that rich deep sound of a les paul but, but not eveyone can get their hands on them. I am using this guitar on a 20watt Alesis Digital amp it sounds well when quite low but the quality fades on high volume. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was in perfect condition when I got it (not a scratch), everything was done to perfection altough the pickups had a very slight bit of rust on them. Pickups were adjusted quite well although I've messed about with them since. Tuning pegs could have done with a tiny bit of tightning but thats not a problem you can do that yourself. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I don't think this guitar was made to be played on stage as it cannot handle high volume and afterall its only a starter guitar, but it would do for small pub gigs. The hardware is very sturdy and durable and is quite reliable and seems like it will last a while yet. // 6

Impression: Overall I think this is a good start off guitar and is worth the money although I think I will go with a Gibson Les Paul next time. As I said before if your into metal, it's your man, but if your into punk get a Les Paul Copy or something. I've been playing about three years now and I also have an SG so the Cort has a lot to live up to but if your planning on getting this guitar I would wait until next as I heard they are making a newer version of this guitar. // 6


  1. Not that I'm looking to buy a guitar anytime soon but I'll keep an eye out for the newer model if I should.

    And yes, I'm a tall Asian. 6 feet, 2 inches and a half believe it or not. :P

  2. Great review and nice blog, you have a new follower! :]

  3. Im a sucker for the Les Paul sunburst