Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Rickenbacker 360/6

Here's a Rickenbacker 360/6. Enjoy!

Features: This is a 2000 Rickenbacker 360. It has 24 frets, and an extremely small delicate scale. It's made out of maple, is a semi hollow body and has dead sexy grover tuners. My favorite feature is its blender knob. You can get very bassy tones, or the signature jangle with it, it sounds like nothing else. And finally it was made in America by skilled workers // 8

Sound: Lovely sound. It is also a ska machine. You can get full chunky upstrummed chords or cool jangly minor progressions. The pickguard actually aids in this, upstrokes are really easy. This would be a crappy guitar to have for metal or an other kind of mindless angry white boy music, the single coil pickups didn't distort in an unhonest metal type way, although the idea of not being able to solo on a rickebacker is poo, the action makes them great for that. So its a 4 for lack of variety, although it should be a 5 if you buy it for the right type of stuff. They sucked anyways. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The pickups seem fine, it doesn't need any adjustments. A far as the finish goes, don't believe any of those stunning pictures y'all see online. They don't do it justice. The finish is a few millimeters thick, and is really reflective. That means it reflects whatever in the room with the picture and doesn't look quite so stunning as it really is. The action is godly. It is the main reason to buy this guitar. It's simply amazing beyond explanation. I should debunk the myth of the small scale. Unless you're an absolute beast it shouldn't be a problem. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This thing will definitely survive live playing. Think of everyone who used these. Google pictures of against me, and see tom getting yanked down by the audience and the like, and yet the Rickenbacker is still there and working, shining and triumphant. The strap buttons have only failed me once, but I was trying to play with my teeth and its a long story, I trust them more than the straplocks on my warlock. I would gig without a backup, and also without fresh underwear, if any at all. As far as the finish goes, I wouldn't be so worried if it weren't so beautiful, but I am. The manual has a few pages on protecting the finish, it shoud last a while as long as you're not an idiot. For a semi-hollowed this is a beast. // 9

Impression: One warning, do not buy this if you have a crappy amp. It will not do it justice and you will be disappointed. It's all a matter of taste and preference, but if you look at a Les Paul, or a fancier American Strat, the worksmanship and finish of the Rickenbacker just blows you minds to how could they make it so inexpensive. It feels like a $5k+ guitar. For its price, it's definetly worth it, if you're looking for a good, solid guitar. But if you do a lot of faster single-note stuff, make sure you have another guitar, sand down the gloss on the neck, or get used to the "squeakiness" of the fretboard. // 9


  1. So crappy amps are out when buying, good to know, nice review once more.

  2. Such a nice guitar.

  3. For real dude. I had one of these in high school.

  4. Shame that I don't know how to play guitar.

  5. The way the buttons are placed is interesting.

  6. If I'm correct, this is the best review I've seen so far.