Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: Epiphone SG Tony Iommi Signature

Well guys, with all the news about Black Sabbath reuniting, Tony Iommi's cancer and Bill Ward refusing to join them, I guessed it would be a good time to do a review on this baby here, the Epiphone SG Tony Iommi Signature.

Features: This is a japanese made model (I am presuming at least). 24 frets and 24.75" neck, solid top, two-tone, two-volume, standard push/pull Gibson 3 way switching, passive H/H setup with two 'Iommibuckers', mahogany SG body obviously, Stop bar bridge, black finish (not matt), Grover tuners. Got a groovy chequer strap and full SG fitted hardcase for free with it. No tremolo, but I don't use it anyway, so I'm not bothered. //8

Sound: I know what you're thinking, Iommi SG = for Black Sabbath wannabes only. Wrong. If you play hardcore and standard rock, this baby can swing with the best of them. The Iommibuckers are extremely powerful, with a great crisp edge to them, but still a full, rich sound. The feedbacking is fine too, even if you play loud in small rooms. The only gripe is that like all highpower pickups, the clean sound leaves something to be desired. // 6

Action, Fit & Action came nice and low. Its neck is smooth and creamy, I also belive it's slightly thinner than other gibson/epiphone necks. But not so thin that it feels horrible. The black finish is nice, but I wish it had chrome hardware instead of the boring black. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The strap buttons were coming loose. Apart from that, it's fine. You shouldn't gig it without backup. Apart from that, it's all good. // 8

Impression: I personally love this guitar, but I can see why other people may not like it. The clean sound in particular is quite flat and the powerful pickups knock the amp into overdrive unless you play very quietly. Ideal for metal or heavier stuff. This isn't a classic axe, and it doesn't do anything unusual, but for what it's built for (grinding overdriven stoner rock or sludge metal) it's great, and it's certainly changed my view on signature guitars. // 8


  1. That is one nice looking guitar!!! I really wish I got more into playing guitar when I had one...

  2. It'd take me a while to get used to the heft, but once I feel the action and hear the clean sound, I might just fall in love with it.

  3. This is the best guitar you've written about.

  4. That one looks great, I like the color of it too, really eye catching.

  5. Definitely a sweet looking guitar.

  6. That's sick dude. Maybe I have a thing for all black...

  7. It looks awesome. Makes me want to learn guitar myself.

  8. Gibson necks are usually so thick. And the body on that is big. Are you back to posting regularly again?

    1. Yeah. I'm back. But I'm not sure for how long. I'll be off for an internship program as a biologist's research assistant in Borneo pretty soon, but i'll probably get a friend to manage the blog for me.