Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gibson sg standard

 Well guys.. heres another review.. a classis dis 1.. the gibson sg standard.. also copypasted from ultimate guitar.. yeah.. dont forget to click ads :P

Features: My Gibson is a 2004 model, made in USA. It came with a case and a truss rod adjustment tool. The guitar itself is finished really nicely, except for one spot behind the tailpiece where there seems to be a small dent in the wood. People tend to complain about the Gibson tuners, but personally, I like them. They seem to hold tune really well and add to the characteristic of the guitar. // 9
Sound: The guitar sounds really good clean or dirty, especially with a little chorus/reverb. I try not to limit myself to one style of music and the SG follows me with whatever I play. Playing the guitar clean with no effects, there tends to be a kind of "quack" on the treble pickup, but other than that, I can't complain about the sound, very well balanced tone. // 8Action, Fit & Finish: From the guitar shop, it was setup pretty much exactly how I like it, fairly low action. The britewire strings that come stock on all gibsons kind of sucked, so I put slinkys on there, .009-.042. The guitar was put together fairly well, everythings solid, especially the strap buttons. // 10
Reliability & Durability: Every once in a while, a guitar needs to be thrashed, and this one seems up to the challenge. I'm happy with the quality of it, and it seems really durable for any style of play. // 10
Impression: I try to play a lot of different styles of music and the SG seems fairly good at everything. I've been playing for close to 3 years and this has been my third electric guitar. Right now I'm using it with a small Fender amp, a 30 watt Dyna-Champ or something, its kind of crappy, but the guitar really shines through anyways. I love everything about my Gibson, I don't know how anybody could ever lose one of these, wouldn't you look after it really well? Anyways, in a nutshell, this guitar is sweet from any end of the music spectrum, definitely worth the hefty pirce tag. // 9


  1. nice! i've got a les paul myself, but i also have an older (epiphone) sg that i like.

  2. Very nice I have a fender sitting around somewhere.

  3. thanks for stopping by showing my support;)